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Our Mission

We have grown, but our overall goal has remained the same: to improve the lives of youth and their families. Whether a youth is with us one day, a month or more, our goal is to make an impact in their life.


All services are free, except for the substance abuse treatment program, which is based on a sliding fee scale. Substance abuse treatment fees depend on your ability to pay; Medicaid is accepted. For all other programs, the only cost to you is your time and commitment.

It depends on the program. Crisis counseling at the Juvenile Receiving Center has no limits attached until the youth's 18th birthday; it can be used as often as needed. For the ongoing counseling, services are limited to 60 calendar days, which is about eight, 50-minute sessions with a therapist. However, this time frame can be extended depending on the situation and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Parents can consult with Youth Services to get ideas on parenting ungovernable youth or ask about our parenting group, Staying Connected with Your Youth.

The average length of stay for a youth in crisis is 3 hours or less. If the counselor you meet with feels it is therapeutically appropriate, additional time (up to 48 hours) may be authorized.

If a youth is not obeying curfew, he/she is committing a "status offense", which means it is against the law for a minor. Parents who feel their youth is breaking this law and out of control can call the police and have them picked up for this offense. The police can bring these youth to the Juvenile Receiving Center where the youth and the parents can meet with a crisis therapist to learn more why the youth is behaving this way. Parents can also bring their youth to the Juvenile Receiving Center at any time or can call Main Office 385 468-4500 / West Jordan Office 385 468-4610 to set up a free counseling appointment with our family therapists.

First, contact Salt Lake County Substance Abuse at Main Office 385 468-4500 / West Jordan Office 385 468-4610 and schedule an appointment for a substance abuse evaluation. Be sure to clarify that the evaluation is for a minor. If they find that the youth is using a substance, they will then refer them for treatment, possibly here at Youth Services.

Any youth under age 18 who leaves home or another approved placement without parental or guardian consent is considered a runaway.