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Obtain a Street Name

Applying for a street name is a 2 Step Process. After you have submitted the following information, the final step in the process will require you to email the site plan of the new development with all of the street configurations.

Without completing both steps your application WILL NOT be considered.

Please note that there is a 13 character limit (including spaces) on all new street names.


Street Name List:


Step 1 - Propose Street Names

Propose Street Names

Use the following form to add/remove your proposed street names.   Street names can be up to 13 alphabetical characters (including spaces) and may not use special characters, numbers, or alpha numerics.

Words not allowed within street names: East, West, North, South, Avenue, Bay, Boulevard, Circle, Court, Cove, Drive, Expressway, Highway, Lane, Parkway, Place, Road, Row, Street, & Way.  

You may add up to 20 proposed street names.