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Street Text Files

Salt Lake County Streets Data is a complete listing of County streets.

There are three different types of files available:

Streets Change Files

Contains all changes, additions, and deletions to the Salt Lake County Streets File from one month to the next. Changes file includes the street name, street type, direction, low/high value, low/high range, zip code, jurisdiction code, and type of change.

2020 2019 2018
January 2020 January 2019 January 2018
February 2020 February 2019 February 2018
March 2020 March 2019 March 2018
April 2020 April 2019 April 2018
May 2020 May 2019 May 2018
June 2020 June 2019 June 2018
July 2020 July 2019 July 2018
August 2020 August 2019 August 2018
September2020 September 2019 September 2018
October 2020 October 2019 October 2018
November 2020 November 2019 November 2018
December 2020 December 2019 December 2018

Saving The Information

After selecting a link there are two options:

  • Save the information as a text file. The information can be imported into a database, spreadsheet, or word processing program for further manipulation.
  • Viewing the information. The information can still be saved.

Check The Data

It is your responsibility to verify that the file represents the correct period. Does the file heading or "date_changed" field contain the applicable month and current year?

How Often Is The Data Updated?

Each month's new files will be provided by the 5th of the following month. The message "page cannot be found," means the file is not yet available.


Questions, comments or need assistance, please email or call (385) 468-6760.

The Data

Salt Lake County's Cumulative Year To Date Streets File (7 MB plain text)
This complete file is made available each month. This data contains streets by alphabetic street name and a complete listing of the streets file is listed in numerical order.

The alphabetic and numerical listings include zip code, street name, street type, coordinate values, street range, jurisdiction, and alias information.


This file is large (more than 7 MB) and may take some time to download over a slow internet connection. Salt Lake County Year To Date Streets File Sorted by Jurisdiction (7 MB plain text) contains the same data as the YTD streets file except that it is sorted by jurisdiction.

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