See What's Out There at Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium offers an out-of-this-world experience, featuring three floors of free exhibits, as well as the breathtaking Hansen Dome Theatre and Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatre.

Now Playing in the Hansen Dome and Northrop Grumman IMAX Theatres

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Hansen Dome Theatre

The Hansen Dome Theatre is a dome-shaped theater with a 55-foot diameter. This 360-degree immersive experience can display accurate star fields, animated films, laser shows, and can even take visitors on a trip through space.

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Northrop Grumman IMAX

The Northrop Grumman IMAX® Theatre has a screen that is 70 feet wide by 50 feet tall. The theatre showcases documentary films about nature and science, created by professional production teams with stunning visuals and narration.

Upcoming Events


Clark Highlight

Science Utah Lecture Series

Join us on Thursday, August 8 for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Anil Seth, professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah.

Dr. Anil Seth will discuss recent conclusive evidence for a black hole in the Milky Way’s most massive star cluster, Omega Centauri, long thought to be the core of a small galaxy that fell into the Milky Way. Twenty years of Hubble Space Telescope images have revealed 7 stars streaking around the center of the cluster; these stars are moving so fast that they must be bound to a black hole with a mass of at least 8000 times that of our Sun. This black hole is the first “intermediate”-mass black hole to be to be convincingly detected with a mass between the stellar mass black holes and the supermassive black holes we have found previously. Its existence can help us understand how massive black holes formed.

Register for the 5 p.m. lecture here

Register for the 7 p.m. lecture here

This event is free, but seating is limited. Registration is required.

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