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T.Rex 3D

Journey back millions of years and come face-to-face with the most menacing predator to walk the Earth, the king of dinosaurs, T. REX. Step into a world where dinosaurs ruled the Earth and witness the power and majesty of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex as it roams its ancient kingdom.

T. REX 3D takes audiences on an unforgettable journey from today’s sweeping North American badlands to the forests and estuaries of prehistoric Hell Creek, realm of the notorious tyrant lizard king. Travel from the forests and wetlands of New Zealand and Florida to the breathtaking buttes and badlands of present-day Montana and North Dakota on this amazing science expedition. Through a once-in-a-lifetime paleontological discovery, landmark discoveries and impressive cinematic depictions, this family-friendly film reimagines our understanding of this ultimate predator and makes sure audiences have a roaring-good time along the way.

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