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Dance in the Sky

Posted August 05, 2021

Sustainer Event Resources

Leonid Meteor Shower 2020

Posted November 17, 2020

An overview of the 2020 Leonid meteor season with Robert Bigelow.

NASA's 2020 CineSpace Short Film Competition at Clark Planetarium

April 2020 Night Sky

Posted April 03, 2020

April is the month of Venus!

How big is the earth? How far away is the moon? How exactly does earth’s gravity reach to the moon and bind it in orbit? Follow Newton’s thinking in resolving these nagging questions to confirm his theory uniting the sciences of mechanics and astronomy. Try to understand why he buried his theory in secrecy for a generation while engaging in forbidden occult practices. Learn why many in Newton’s day (including Newton) were profoundly disturbed by his theory of gravity. Share in the one great laugh of Newton’s life and understand how it continues to shape our world. And then finally, consider how Newton’s drives and personal idiosyncrasies continue to color the goals, methods and culture of our physics today. Join us in the Hansen Dome Theater on Thursday, Feb. 20 and Saturday, Feb. 22 at 6:45 P.M. as we re-imagine how Isaac Newton’s experience with a falling apple and a falling moon created our modern world.