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Night Vision: The Lives of Stars

Posted July 12, 2017

Ever look up at the sky at night and get lost in its vastness? The sheer number of stars we can see is truly overwhelming.  What, exactly, are those stars? Where did they come from? Will they be there forever?

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Night Vision: Venus

Join us for Night Vision: Venus as NASA Solar System Ambassador to Utah Amy Oliver takes us  to a world where mystery and reality inspire wonder and excitement.

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Night Vision: Human Spaceflight

With a core of astronauts and robust vision for the future of our space program, NASA has helped us reach the shores of space. Other enterprises from various nations as well as a new and ambitious surge from the private...

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Night Vision: Notorious Nebulae

Ah, the magnificent nebula The divas of space photography, these clouds of gas sparkle and scintillate in the ether, dazzling us up and down the spectrum. Photo

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Gateway to the Stars July 2017

Now that we've passed the solstice, we're fully ready to bring our attention to the stars and constellations of the summer sky. To be sure, a small astronomical telescope can show you many wonderful things however, my absolute favorite sight in the sky doesn't need a telescope to be seen at all  The Milky Way In

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