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The 2023 Municipal General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 21st, 2023. All eligible, active, registered voters will be mailed a ballot on October 31st and are encouraged to vote and return that ballot in a timely manner so that it may be counted. Election Day Vote centers are also available for voters who prefer to vote in person.

A municipal general election is an opportunity for voters to elect candidates to office in their city or local service district. This differs from the municipal primary election, where the purpose was to narrow the field of candidates to advance to the general election.

In addition to the municipal election this year, there will also be a special election to fill the congressional seat in Congressional District 2.  

Only active registered voters with a contest that pertains to their precinct will receive a ballot. To vote for the open congressional seat, voters must reside in the boundaries of Congressional District 2. To view your congressional district, please use our interactive precinct tool found here. If you did not receive a ballot and believe you should have, please contact our office. 

Please visit the links and FAQs below for more election information.

Why is there a Congressional Race this year?
A special election will take place this year in Congressional District 2 (CD2) to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Rep. Christ Stewart. To see a full list of all the candidates for CD2, please refer to the Lieutenant Governor’s website. To view your congressional district, please use our precinct lookup tool. 

What is Ranked Choice Voting?
According to Ballotpedia: A ranked-choice voting system is an electoral system in which voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, he or she is declared the winner. If no candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated. First-preference votes cast for the failed candidate are eliminated, lifting the second-preference choices indicated on those ballots. A new tally is conducted to determine whether any candidate has won a majority of the adjusted votes. The process is repeated until a candidate wins an outright majority.

Which elections are using Ranked Choice Voting?
Ranked Choice Voting will be held in the Municipal General Election (November 21, 2023) and will take place in the following contests:

  • Midvale City Council District 1
  • Midvale City Council District 3
  • Millcreek Council District 3
  • Salt Lake City Mayor
  • Salt Lake City Council District 4
  • Salt Lake City Council District 6
  • South Salt Lake Council At-Large

To see if your precinct has a Ranked Choice Voting contest, click here. For more information on Ranked Choice Voting, click here.

How do I fill out my ballot in Ranked Choice Voting?
In ranked choice voting contests, the names of candidates are listed on the left side of the ballot, with ranked choices along the top. A grid of ovals is to the right of candidate names. This is where you will mark your choices.

Voters can rank all candidates in a contest using the columns on the ballot to indicate their choices. Voters may rank as many or as few candidates as they like. If a voter doesn’t wish to rank some of the candidates, they can leave any remaining columns blank. However, voters are encouraged to rank their choices in case their most preferred candidates are phased out.

To rank candidates on the ballot, fill in the oval that corresponds to your choice:

    • In the first column for your first choice,
    • In the second column for your second choice,
    • In the third column for your third choice, and so on.

Example of ranked choice voting ballot contest

Mark your RCV ballot by filling in one oval for each candidate Correct! All choices must be different.
Don't fill in more than one oval per column Incorrect. Don't fill-in more than one oval per column.
Don't fill in more than one ranking for each candidate

Incorrect. Don't choose the same candidate more than once.

For more information on Ranked Choice Voting, click here.

When will my ballot be mailed?
Ballots will be mailed out October 31st to all active registered voters. As voters update their addresses or register to vote, ballots will be mailed through November 14th.

Why didn't I receive a ballot?
Only active, registered voters living in a district with a general election will receive a ballot. If you meet these criteria and did not receive a ballot, please contact our office. You can see a list of contests in the 2023 General Election here

I got the wrong ballot / Not the ballot I expected
Ballots are sent to voters based on their home address, which determines your voting district. If you didn't receive the ballot you expected, please contact our office.

What should I do if I make a mistake on my ballot?
If you make a mistake on your ballot or decide to change your vote, you can draw a line through the oval and candidate name you do not want, and then fill in the oval for the correct one. When the ballots are scanned the change will be noted. If the ballot gets damaged or it is not possible to clearly indicate your choice, please contact our office and we will cancel the old ballot and send you a new one. (A replacement ballot cannot be ordered after November 14th.)

Who should I vote for?
The Salt Lake County Clerk's office is an apolitical office and we do not make voting recommendations. Who you vote for is a personal choice. We strongly encourage every voter to research candidates and issues and make informed choices on their ballot.

How can I learn about the candidates?
A list of candidates with their contact information is available on our Candidates page or, you can visit the webpage for the relevant municipality. Candidate profiles are also available on the state's website.

What contests will be on my ballot?
A list of contests and candidates in the 2023 General Election is available here. You may also view a sample of your ballot, by using our Voter Information Lookup Tool.

Have any cities/districts have cancelled their elections?
In a municipal contest, if not enough candidates file for there to be an election, those candidates who do file are declared the winner and the contest may be canceled. The following cities/districts have canceled their election: 

  • Holladay Council 2
  • Holladay Council 5
  • Millcreek District 1
  • Millcreek Mayor
  • Cottonwood Heights Parks and Rec Council 3
  • Oquirrh Rec and Parks At-Large 
  • SLCo Service Area #3 At-Large

Why do the contests and candidates on my ballot look different than in the past?
As a result of the statewide redistricting process, which occurs every ten years after the completion of the census, you may see candidates for new districts on your ballot. The 2023 General Election gives you the opportunity to elect officials who will take office in January, 2024 for the redrawn districts. If you have questions about the contests on your ballot or your new voting districts, please contact our office.

Where can I see which contests pertain to me?
You can look up your voter registration and see your sample ballot, including contests that pertain to you, by using our Voter Information Lookup Tool.

How can I return my mail-in ballot?
You may return your mail-in ballot one of three ways: 1) By dropping it in any of the ballot drop boxes located throughout Salt Lake County. Ballots may be deposited until 8:00 p.m. on Election Day; 2) By dropping it off at any in-person vote center on Election Day until 8:00 p.m.; 3) By mailing it via USPS mail using the postage paid return envelope. Ballots must be postmarked no later than Election Day.

Can I get a new mail-in ballot?
If your ballot is lost or damaged, you may request a new one by emailing or calling the Election Division no later than November 14th.

I am leaving town on vacation. Can I get my ballot early?
By law mail-in ballots cannot be sent out earlier than 21 days before an election. Early voting locations are available for in-person voting starting two weeks before the election.

Can I return a ballot for a friend or family member?
By law you are allowed to return a voted ballot for another person who needs assistance based on age, illness, or disability. You may also return a voted ballot for an individual who resides in your household. Returning ballots for individuals who don't meet these criteria can result in penalties. See §20A-3a-501-5a

How can I check my ballot status?
You can view the status of your mail-in ballot by visiting the State of Utah's website.

You may also sign up to receive electronic notifications of your ballot status by visiting the BallotTrax website.

Where can I vote in person?
Follow these links to view the locations of all Early Voting and Election Day Vote Centers.

What ID do I need to vote in person?
You can see a list of valid forms of identification here.

Can I still vote if I'm not registered?
If you would like to vote in the current election, but are not currently registered, you may register during polling hours at an Election Day vote center and cast a provisional ballot. To register and vote on Election Day, you must visit an Election Day vote center during polling hours and bring valid photo ID and proof of residency. A poll worker will assist you in registering to vote and casting a provisional ballot on an electronic voting machine.

How can I register to vote?
You may register to vote online, by returning a paper voter registration form to the Election Division, or you may register in-person at a vote center. More details are available on our Voter Registration page. State law requires that residents must have resided in the state of Utah for 30 day prior to registering.

How often do I need to register?
Once you have registered to vote in the State of Utah, you don't need to re-register unless your registration status changes. If you have moved outside of the state and returned, or your name has changed, or your registration has lapsed by not voting in the last two presidential elections you will need to re-register.

How can I change my address?
If you are moving within the county, you may change your voter registration address by calling or emailing our office and providing us with the updated address. If you are moving into Salt Lake County from another state or county, you will need to submit a new voter registration form.

Am I eligible to vote in Utah?
To register you must: 1) be a citizen of the United States; 2) reside in Utah for at least 30 days immediately before the next election; 3) be at least 18 years old on or before the General Election. (Note: a 17-year-old may vote in a General Election if they will turn 18 years old on or before the date of the General Election.)

How can I become a poll watcher?
Any registered voter is welcome to observe the ballot counting process. To do so, you must check in at the Elections Office in room S1-200 at the Salt Lake County Government Center and have your voter registration verified. The ballot processing schedule indicates when processing will be taking place and which activities you will be able to observe.

Why aren’t any local candidates affiliated with political parties?
All odd-year, municipal elections in Utah are non-partisan. Candidates for office are not permitted to list their preferred political party on the ballot. You can find candidate information on our website.

General Election Contests And Candidates

Office  Candidate 

 U.S House 2

Jonathan La Rele Peterson (Unaffiliated) 

Perry T. Myers (Unaffiliated)

Celeste Maloy (Republican)

Cassie Easley (Constitution) 

January Walker (United Utah)

Kathleen Riebe (Democratic)

Bradley Garth Green (Libertarian)

Joe Buchman (Unaffiliated) 

Alta Council At-Large

Elise Morgan 

Sheridan J. Davis

Dan Schilling 

Bluffdale Council At-Large

Billy Hesterman

Mark Hales

Eric R. Hawker 

Alan W. Lord

Gregory D. Wilding 

Steve Austin

Brighton Council At-Large

Gavan Ganung 

Adrienne Aldous

Jeffery S. Bossard

Lise Sorenson Brunhart

Copperton Metro Township Council At-Large A

Kathleen Ray Bailey

Copperton Metro Township Council At-Large B

Sean Clayton 

Copperton Metro Township Council At-Large C

Tessa Stitzer

Cottonwood Heights Council District 1

Matt Holton

Jen Cottam 

Cottonwood Heights Council District 2

Sharon Daurelle

Suzanne Hyland 

Draper City Council At-Large

Jordan Davis

Fred Lowry

Cal Roberts

Lucky T. Bovo

Terry Smith

Bryn Heather Johnson

Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council At-Large

Tyler Tippetts

Jennifer Hawkes

Catherine M Harris

David Paul Brems

Herriman City Council District 1

Jared Henderson

Chris Roberts

Herriman City Council District 4

Matt Bello

Steven L. Shields 

Holladay Council District 4

Drew B. Quinn

Matthew Collin Tracy

Kearns Metro Township Council District 1

Jesse Valdez

Patrick Daniel Schaeffer

Kearns Metro Township Council District 3

Christopher James Geertsen

Chrystal Butterfield 

Kearns Metro Township Council District 5

Kelly Bush 

Midvale City Council District 1

Ben Umeadi 

Bonnie Billings

Dustin Snow

Midvale City Council District 2

Paul Glover

Midvale City Council District 3

Heidi Robinson 

Evan Feinberg

Tammy J. Garcia (disqualified)

Bart Benson 

Millcreek Council District 3

David F. Holz

Scott Springer

Cheri Jackson 

Murray City Council District 1

Paul Pickett 

David W. Rodgers

Murray City Council District 3

Rosalba Dominguez

Clark Bullen 

Murray City Council District 5

Adam Hock

Garry 'CPA' Hrechkosy

Riverton City Council District 1

Andy Pierucci

Riverton City Council District 2

Troy McDougal 

David Gatti 

Riverton City Council District 5

Spencer Haymond

Steven Winters

Salt Lake City Council 2

Alejandro 'Ale' Puy

Salt Lake City Council 4

Eva Lopez Chavez

Ana Valdemoros

Clayton Scrivner

Salt Lake City Council 6

Dan Dugan

James Alfandre

Jack Bellows (disqualified)

Taymour B. Semnani

Salt Lake City Council 7

Sarah Young

Molly Jones

Salt Lake City Mayor 

Erin Mendenhall

Ross C. 'Rocky' Anderson

Michael Valentine 

Sandy City Council 2

Alison Stroud

Sandy City Council 4

Scott Earl

Marci Houseman

Sandy City Council At-Large

Aaron Dekeyzer

Brooke Christensen

Jim Bennett

Cyndi Sharkey

City of South Jordan Council 1

Patrick Harris

City of South Jordan Council 2

Laurel Bevans

Kathie L. Johnson

City of South Jordan Council 4

Tamara Zander

City of South Salt Lake Council 1

Jeanette Potter

Leanne Huff

City of South Salt Lake Council 4

Nick Mitchell 

Portia Mila

City of South Salt Lake Council 5

Paul Sanchez

City of South Salt Lake Council At-Large

Natalie Pinkney

Catherine Chansamone Costanzo (disqualified)

Conrad N. Campos 

City of Taylorsville Council 1

Ernest Glen Burgess

Dennis Sanok

City of Taylorsville Council 2

Curt Cochran 

City of Taylorsville Council 3

Anna Barbieri

City of West Jordan Council 1

Chad Lamb

Rulon Green

City of West Jordan Council 2

Gary Leany

Bob Bedore

City of West Jordan Council 3

Sterling Morris

Zach Jacob

City of West Jordan Council 4

David F. Pack

Kent Shelton 

City of West Jordan Mayor 

Kayleen Whitelock

Dirk Burton

West Valley City Council-At-Large

Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Don Christensen 

West Valley City Council 1

Tom Huynh 

Marni Lefevre

West Valley City Council 3

Will Whetstone

Heidi Roggenbuck

White City Metro Township Council At-Large

Tyler Huish

Nick J. West

Paulina F. Flint

Howard F. Van Horn II

Greg Shelton

Copperton Improvement District At-Large Trustee

Trevor Patrick

Leanne Peterson Heagren

Royce Charles Fewkes

Richard J. Cude

Rebecca A. Blackburn

Harvey Seal 

Cottonwood Improvement At-Large Trustee

James Durrant

Mark R. Katter

Wesley J. Fisher

Kearns Improvement At-Large Trustee

Royce Gibson

Gregory R Christensen

Magna Water At-Large Trustee

Shawn Ron Wall

Dan L Stewart

Midvalley Improvement At-Large

Jon West

Ron Sperry

Mt. Olympus Improvement At-Large Trustee

Michele Rivera

James W. Carter

Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement Division 2 Trustee

Erica Faircloth

Matt Swensen

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