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Dea Theodore

A woman smiling for the camera. A woman smiling for the camera. A woman smiling for the camera. A woman smiling for the camera.

Councilwoman Theodore is a biologist and experienced in education, administration, and civic engagement. She is a strong advocate for property rights, clean air, clean water, mental health, homelessness, accountability in government and holding the line on taxes. She defends the public against corruption and governmental overreach.

Councilwoman Theodore serves on the board of UFA and SYLVESA where she contributes her passion in representing the interests of her district. During Councilwoman Theodore’s first month in office, she successfully ran and unanimously passed legislation securing Brighton its own planning commission, ensuring Brighton would be able to exercise local control. Councilwoman Theodore has also dedicated her time to protecting and maintaining open spaces and canyon trails in her district.

Councilwoman Dea Theodore has represented and served District 6 since winning her first election in 2020. As a longtime resident of Sandy, where her children attend public school, Councilwoman Theodore has dedicated her career to community service. When Councilwoman Theodore isn’t busy serving, she can be found running on one of her district’s scenic trails or with her family skiing down the slopes.