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Access My Records

Governmental Agency Sharing Records Request Form

Step 2

Pursuant to the provisions of GRAMA [Section 63G-2-206], Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Services is providing you with records that may contain data elements that are classified as “private, controlled, and/or protected” which have not been edited. You, as a representative of the requesting entity, profess that the entity meets one or more of the following requirements as a governmental entity that:

Check all that apply

Pursuant to the Provisions of GRAMA (63G-2-206(6)(a), you are now subject to the same restrictions on disclosure of these records as the Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Services. Dissemination of non-public records to other persons, agencies, even by subpoena, should be referred to the keeper of these records at the Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Services records custodian. 

By clicking submit I certify that I am authorized to access the requested records pursuant to Utah Code 63G-2-206 and I understand that use of the records will only be used for a valid authorized purpose. I understand that any unauthorized use of or access to this information may subject me to criminal prosecution and or denial of any information herein requested.