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Probation Case Managers supervise clients by using evidence-based services to assist clients in completing court-ordered requirements and to reduce risk level.


What to Expect

When sentenced to probation clients will have an intake scheduled with a CJS case manager who will review court-ordered requirements as well as general expectations during supervision. Supervision requirements include check-ins with the assigned case manager based on supervision level. Requirements may also include a substance use assessment, mental health assessment, urinalysis testing, etc.

All probation clients are given the LSCMI which identifies need areas. During the course of probation supervision, clients work with their case manager to create a case plan to address the need areas and help them complete supervision successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of appointments is determined by individual needs as well as risk level.

When you are sentenced, the Judge will provide a probation term based on the states sentencing guidelines. The time will vary based on individual needs and court ordered requirements.

Your CJS case manager will notify the judge who may issue a warrant. It’s important to continue checking in with your case manager.

You must inform your case manager as soon as possible of any travel. Your case manager may require trip details such as dates, location, and reason for travel. Certain travel may also require your Judge's approval.

To begin probation, please call (385) 468-3500 to schedule your assessment appointment. Once you complete the assessment you will be assigned a case manager and you will be given their contact information. If that information is lost, please contact the same number.

(385) 468-3500

Proof of completion can be turned into your case manager or directly to the court. If you turn it in directly to the court, notify your case manager.

Office phone, email or text message. Please only leave one message; in most situations, your case manager will return your call within 24 to 48 hours.

It is important to maintain open and honest communication with your case manager. If at any time you feel overwhelmed or need assistance, please reach out to your case manager for resources or assistance.

  • Report as directed
  • Comply with Behavior Change Plan
  • No alcohol or illegal drug use
  • Submit to random drug/alcohol testing as deemed appropriate
  • Obey all state, federal, and municipal laws and court orders
  • Intensive Supervision Probation (ISP) does have additional conditions

You can seek private counsel, utilize free legal clinics or the court's self-help section, or an attorney may be appointed to you (if you qualify) when you attend court.

Your judge may sentence you to Salt Lake County Probation. You would qualify for our services if you meet the criteria below.


  • Class B Misdemeanors
  • Class A Misdemeanors where:
    • The individual is not already involved with AP&P
    • The conviction does not involve sexual violence or physical violence against a person involving a weapon
  • Sex offender conditions or registration is not part of probation order
  • Probation conditions include more than a fine only.
  • Individual must be a Salt Lake County Resident

  • Do not drink excessive amounts of fluid before providing a sample
  • Do not drink more than 32oz. of fluid before providing a sample
  • Do not consume performance-enhancing or diet supplements

No. As of January 1, 2023, Criminal Justice Services no longer assesses supervision fees. This allows clients to focus monetary responsibilities on treatment, court fines, and basic needs.