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Salt Lake County Health Department's mission is to promote and protect community and environmental health.

We work to protect and improve the well-being of all county residents by preventing disease, illness, and injury and by impacting social, economic, and environmental factors fundamental to excellent health.

Every day, we immunize children, inspect restaurants, keep tobacco out of the hands of minors, encourage physical activity, teach proper nutrition, protect our water and air, provide culturally appropriate services to a multitude of disparate populations, and collaborate with our community partners to ensure that public health works for residents of all cities and unincorporated areas in Salt Lake County.

Our Agency

The Salt Lake County Health Department (SLCoHD) is nationally accredited in public health by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). PHAB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and protecting the health of the public by advancing and ultimately transforming the quality and performance of state, local, tribal, and territorial public health departments. SLCoHD first received public health accreditation in 2014.

SLCoHD is the local health department serving Salt Lake County under Title 26A of the Utah Code.

We are a division of Salt Lake County government, within the Department of Human Services, and are governed by the Salt Lake County Board of Health.

SLCoHD works cooperatively with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Utah Department of Environmental Quality, and other state agencies, but is not an agency of state or federal government.

  • 1849: Brigham Young creates the Society of Health, precursor to the Salt Lake City Health Department.
  • 1898: Utah Legislature establishes the State of Utah Board of Health.
  • 1899: Salt Lake County Commissioners create the Salt Lake County Board of Health.
  • 1943: Salt Lake City Planning and Zoning Commissions recommend that the Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County Health Departments be merged into one organization as part of the city’s “50-year plan.”
  • 1965: Salt Lake City Health Department opens its new building at 610 South 200 East.
  • 1966: Salt Lake County Health Department moves into the old county hospital at 2100 South State Street.
  • 1969: Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County Health Departments are merged into the Salt Lake City-County Health Department—26 years after consolidation was first recommended.
  • 1974: Salt Lake City-County Board of Health adopts a uniform health code for the county’s [then] 10 municipalities.
  • 1994: The health department adds three immunization clinics in West Valley, Sandy, and Rose Park.
  • 1995: Ellis R. Shipp Public Health Center opens in West Valley City.
  • 1998: Environmental Health Division moves its four bureaus to a new building in Murray.
  • 2000: Salt Lake City-County Health Department becomes the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.
  • 2007: South Main Public Health Center opens in South Salt Lake.
  • 2013: Salt Lake Valley Health Department becomes Salt Lake County Health Department.
  • 2014: Salt Lake County Health Department receives national public health accreditation.
  • 2016: South Redwood Public Health Center opens in West Jordan.
  • 2018: Salt Lake Public Health Center at 610 South 200 East is rebuilt and remains the department's flagship facility.
  • 2019: The department celebrates 50 years as a combined Salt Lake City/Salt Lake County health department and commemorates 170 years of public health in the Salt Lake Valley.

Salt Lake County Health Department Jobs

Salt Lake County Human Resources recruits and screens all candidates for merit (benefits-eligible, career service) positions in the health department.

Nonmerit positions (sometimes known as “temporary” positions) are at-will positions and are not eligible for benefits.

Nonmerit positions may be listed here or posted at the Salt Lake County Jobs page.

Salt Lake County Health Department routinely offers internships to college students seeking public health experience.

Some internships offer only course credit (depending on your educational institution’s requirements); others offer a stipend upon successful completion of the internship.

Internships are posted on the Salt Lake County Jobs page.

If you would like to help us promote and protect community and environmental health in Salt Lake County, complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

Depending on the program, volunteers may need to complete additional training before beginning work as a health department volunteer.

Funding Opportunities