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Employee Perks & Services

Salt Lake County provides employees with access to several perks, resources, and services. Click on the headers below to learn more. Should you have additional questions, contact the Benefits team.

Salt Lake County Employee Perks & Services

As a valued team member of Salt Lake County, you can take advantage of our All-County recreation pass for employees!

With this pass, you can access the fitness center at the Government Center, and all of the Salt Lake County Recreation Centers.

Passes are only $15 per month, and you can add family members for an additional fee.  The discount is available to benefits eligible employees.

Call (385) 468-1789 or visit the Recreation Center Page for more information.

Child Care 

More than just supervised playtime, onsite and drop-in child care provides engaging activities for little ones with preschool programs, before and after school, and summer day camps. 

Child Care programs are licensed by the State of Utah and reviewed annually by child care licensing inspectors.

Thorough background checks on all group leaders and volunteers, and employees complete 20 plus hours of annual training on topics such as positive guidance to injury prevention.

County employees are eligible for Service Awards based on years of county service. Employees are first recognized upon reaching their 5th anniversary. Every five years thereafter employees will be recognized and thanked for their commitment to the County with a service award. Several selections are available for the service award. When you reach your anniversary, a packet will sent to containing instructions for choosing and collecting your award.

Service awards are distributed through MTM Recognition. Your access code for their website will be in your award packet. For questions, contact the Benefits team or MTM Recognition at 800-443-4618.

Salt Lake County offers its employees a variety of trip-reduction methods on a subsidized basis. Visit Trip Reduction Program page or email

Salt Lake County financially supports the educational pursuits of its employees through the Tuition Reimbursement Program.

As with all County benefits, the County Council may choose to modify the Tuition Program. Therefore, acceptance into the program does not guarantee payment. For further information on the current program, please contact Cynthia Carrington at (385) 468-0576.

Emotional Support Helpline and Resource Center

Unlimited services for you & your loved ones

24/7 personalized mental health concierge service, emotional support helpline, and resource center

  • Anonymous & Unlimited Situational Support
  • Text or call 24/7 and access a live person to listen
  • Expert Courses available on demand, online
  • Wellness Coaching & Weekly Mental Health Text Tips


Phone Number (385) 205-6789