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Job Descriptions


Job Descriptions

For current job descriptions please contact your HR Business Partner or contact the main office at 385-468-0570 and we will connect you.

Please review job descriptions for accuracy prior to requesting recruitment. Accurate and current job descriptions are critical to recruiting and retaining the best employees.

Job Analysis

When evaluating jobs, The Hay Group method separates the job from the employee. Current job status, title and salary are not part of their evaluation.

The Hay Group has identified three key factors for job evaluation:

  1. Know-How takes into account practical and technical knowledge needed for the job. This includes what organization and communication skills are necessary to do the job. Each job has different levels of know-how.
  2. Problem Solving or the amount and nature of thinking required in the job. Does the job follow a very strict process where everything is clearly defined? Or, does the job follow a standardized process with mapped out procedures but also freedom for decision making within those procedures? Or, perhaps the job is more broadly defined where the employee sets the direction for themselves and/or others within the organization.
  3. Accountability. This is an assessment of jobs that are responsible for both actions and consequences.

The Key Factors of Job Evaluation

This method combines know-how, problem solving and accountability to determine a measure of work for each job. In 2015, Salt Lake County adopted the Hay Profile Method of job evaluation which was developed in the early 1950s by HayGroup and is used by more than 8,000 profit and nonprofit organizations in many different countries. It is the most widely used job evaluation method in the United States.

Classification and compensation decisions in Salt Lake County rely on job audit and salary survey processes we have used for many years – by comparing positions to each other and to class specifications, with consideration given to how similar jobs are paid outside Salt Lake County. The Hay System gives an added dimension which allows us to quantitatively compare jobs to one another.

Below is a visual representation of key factors used in the Hay Group job evaluation methodology.