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Frequently Asked Questions

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Salt Lake County plans are subject to regulations in section 125 of the IRS code, so you must have an IRS Qualifying Event to make changes to your plan outside Open Enrollment.

  • Adding an Adult Designee/Unmarried Partner/Adult Dependent
  • Adding a New Child (Birth/Adoption)
  • Changing Coverage Due to Marriage/Divorce
  • Loss or Gain of Other Coverage

County policy allows enrollment for up to 31 days including the day of the event.  You must enter your event in PeopleSoft and provide documentation of the event within 31 days to make a life event change to your coverage.

To initiate the change, log into PeopleSoft

  • Employee Self Service > Benefit Details > Life Events
  • Select your event (marriage, divorce, birth or adoption)
  • Use the date of the qualifying event, and enter your updated information.
  • Follow the radio buttons on the left side of the screen
  • Click "LEGEND" on the left to see where you are in the process
  • If your change is because of a loss of other coverage, email the benefits team at

Document upload is available in the online life event. Please upload your document there.

If you cannot, please email to Benefits and include your employee ID number (EIN)

If you do not have PeopleSoft access please contact the benefits team as soon as possible, within 31 days of the event, so we can assist.

You can call 385-468-0580 or email.

IRS Qualifying Events

  • Marriage, Death, Divorce, Birth, Adoption, or Employment Change

What we need:

  • Marriage: Marriage certificate 
  • Death: Death certificate
  • Divorce: Signed or stamped copy of your divorce decree 
  • Birth: Hospital release paperwork, or birth certificate and Social Security Number
  • Adoption: Signed or stamped copy of adoption paperwork from the Court
  • Employment Change: Proof of loss of other insurance from the employer or insurance company. 

All requests for a life event change, which include adding a new baby or spouse or removing someone from coverage must be made within 31 days.  You can contact the Benefits Team by phone at 385-468-0580 or send an email.


Phone Number (385) 468-0580

Fax: (385) 468-0573

Mailing Address 2001 S State St, Ste N4-700
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4575

Hours M - F
8AM - 5PM

Changes to your Savings Plan Options must be made through the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) website.

Once the change is made through URS, the county receives information and will make changes to your paycheck, which may take up to three weeks.

Remember to review your savings elections at least annually to maximize your tax savings and have what you need in retirement.  URS offers several opportunities to discuss your retirement needs, including personalized counseling.  Contact them at 801-366-7775.

Utah Retirement Systems

Phone Number (801) 366-7770

Changes to your life insurance or life insurance beneficiary should be made in the PeopleSoft syatem. Unlike some employee benefits, life insurance changes can be made anytime during the year.

It may take up to three weeks for you to see the premium or coverage change on your paycheck.

When you get married or divorced, have children, or when your children get married or turn age 26, it is your responsibility to update the coverage and/or beneficiaries. Salt Lake County may not be aware when one of your covered dependents get married or ages out of the program, so review your coverage annually.

  • If you have children, remember to enroll them in your dependent life insurance.
  • When your children get married or turn age 26, contact county benefits to remove them from coverage.


Phone Number (385) 468-0580

Fax: (385) 468-0573

Mailing Address 2001 S State St, Ste N4-700
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4575

Hours M - F
8AM - 5PM

The quickest and easiest way to resolve issues is to contact the benefit administrator directly.  If you still have questions or issues, please get in touch with the Benefits Team.

Claims from the HealthyMe Employee Clinic should be resolved with PEHP or SelectHealth.  The clinic staff only has access to certain types of information.  They don't know if you've met your deductible, what the discount codes may be, or if a procedure or prescription is covered or requires pre-authorization.

PEHP - Medical

Phone Number (801) 366-7555

SelectHealth - Medical

Phone Number (801) 442-5038

Cigna - Dental

Phone Number (801) 244-6224

VSP - Vision

Phone Number (800) 877-7195

ASI Flex Spending

Phone Number (800) 659-3035

Your Health Savings Account (HSA) is a self-managed account.  It's your responsibility to confirm eligibility, submit appropriate documentation, and monitor your balance and contributions.  Fines and Penalties can be applied for misusing this account, so please review the IRS guidelines for a comprehensive understanding.

Fidelity is Salt Lake County's HSA administrator, however if you've had an HSA before being employed here, you may have an existing account with another administrator.

You can make changes to your HSA deduction any time by contacting the Benefits Team. Please include your EIN and the amount you'd like deducted in your email.

Salt Lake County is committed to your privacy, and will not disclose information about your benefits or paycheck to anyone but you.  If your spouse contacts us to discuss coverage or your HSA, we're unable to respond without your permission.

Please log into PeopleSoft > Employee Self Service > Personal Details > Addresses > Select Your Current Address and then update the fields to make your change

Flex Spending programs are regulated by the IRS, and the plan is administered according to IRS regulations in section 125 of the tax code. Your FSA Benefits card provides access to your funds, and does not mean your claim was qualified or has been processed. In many cases, you will be asked to provide proof of your expense to ASI Flex. 

Here are a few pointers to make using the card easier:

Sign-up for an ASI Account online

This is the easiest and most secure way to submit claims, monitor your balance, and receive notifications from ASI.

How to Submit Claims

Attach appropriate documentation of your expenses
IRS guidelines require specific documentation to substantiate each claim submission. This includes:

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance plan. This document is sent to you after the plan processes your claim and shows the amount paid by the plan and the amount for which you are responsible; or,

Itemized statement from your health care provider. This must show specific information:

  • Provider name and address
  • Patient name
  • Date service was provided (not date of payment)
  • Description of each service provided and dollar amount you owe.

For prescriptions:

  • Submit the pharmacy receipt, printout from your pharmacy, or itemized mail-order receipt.

For over-the-counter health care products, drugs and medicines:

  • Submit the merchant’s itemized cash register receipt.

For dependent care expenses:

  • Submit an itemized statement of the services provided or have your provider sign the claim form to certify the services provided.

For orthodontia:

  • Submit the monthly payment coupon or an itemized statement and payment receipt if claiming one upfront payment (if allowed by your employer’s plan). Otherwise, a contract and proof of payment will be needed.

Please do not submit credit card receipts, paid on account or balance forward statements, or cancelled checks.

Fax or mail completed claim form with documentation.

Submit an EOB with your claim form

You can find EOB's by logging into your account through

If ASI Flex notifies you that you need to send in proof for a charge, do so immediately

You can upload through your online portal, fax, email or mail a copy of your EOB or itemized bill. You have up to 42 days to provide documentation, but after that your card may be suspended until documentation is received. Visit ASIFLEX for details. 

If you leave the county (retirement or termination), access to your Flex terminates the last day of the month.  

You have 30 days to submit receipts for charges prior to your termination date and don't have access to your funds unless you elect COBRA coverage.  If your receipt isn't received within 30 days, funds are ineligible for reimbursement.

You can submit an annual claim form for all of your daycare expenses by completing and submitting the Dependent Care Automatic Claim Request Form to ASIFlex. 

The Rollover provision allows you to carry over your rollover balance for 12 months. 

If you have unused rollover funds on December 31, they will be forfeited on January 1. ASI will use your rollover funds first, then your annual election.

You have until March 31 to submit proof of claims requiring substantiation. Unsubstantiated claims incurred with outstanding proof of purchase must be paid post-tax.  Please contact ASI Flex with questions.

If you have dependents under age 13 and spend money on daycare, after school programs, or other child care, electing ASIFlex Dependent Daycare could save you money. Submit an annual claim form for daycare expenses.

Direct Deposit for FSA reimbursements and Dependent Daycare is a quick and easy way to automatically get your funds once your claim has been approved.  

Complete a Claim Form and Direct Deposit, and submit it to ASIFlex.  

The IRS requires that you pay back funds that were spent on non-qualified expenses or expenses without documentation.

County orthodontia benefits are "lifetime" benefits, so your maximum with Cigna will be deducted from what prior county providers have paid on your behalf.

Orthodontia coverage it is not a guarantee of payment.  The total case fee is divided by 4. The first quarter is the down payment and the remaining 75% is divided by the months in treatment.  That monthly payment is made automatically quarterly until the months in treatment have been met, the braces are removed or the lifetime maximum has been reached, whichever comes first.  

Make sure you research options and use a Cigna Advantage Network provider for the best discount.  Most providers will bill any insurance company, but haven't agreed to accept Cigna's payment as payment in full. Log into your Cigna account or contact customer service for more information.

You or your orthodontist should provide a copy of your treatment plan to Cigna Dental to get appropriate credits and payments. 

Claim Address:  Cigna Dental DPPO PO Box 188037 Chattanooga TN 37455

Salt Lake County's Cigna dental plan group number is 3341161

You will not get a dental card, but can verify coverage by calling 800-244-6224. 

Your benefit is determined by which kind of provider you see. If you see a Cigna Advantage provider, you'll get the most benefit and pay the lowest cost.  County pays more of the cost because Advantage providers have agreed to write off more of the bill.

If you see any other Cigna provider, you pay more of the bill and have a lower annual maximum benefit.  

If you go to a provider that either doesn't contract with Cigna or doesn't take any insurance, you have a reduced benefit and a lower annual maximum benefit. The big cost you incur by going to a dentist that doesn't accept Cigna is "balance billing".  Balance billing is where you pay the balance left on the bill after the county plan pays what it does for a contracted dentist.  When you're looking for a provider, as if they are contracted with Cigna, not if they will accept payments from Cigna.

Cigna - Dental

Phone Number (801) 244-6224

If you have a name change, contact the HR Data Entry team (385-468-0570) with a copy of your divorce or marriage certificate and your new Social Security card.  

Once the change has been made in PeopleSoft, benefits vendors will get your updated information.