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Compensation Advisory Committee

The Compensation Advisory Committee is a collaborative committee of top leadership across the county. The objective of the Advisory Committee is to provide input on the Total Compensation Project recommendations and county-wide compensation and benefits programs.

Elected Officials

Agency Elected Official Chief Deputy
Mayor's Office Jenny Wilson Erin Litvack
Assessor Chris Stavros Tyler Andrus
Auditor Chris Harding Richard Jaussi
Clerk Sherrie Swensen Lannie Chapman
Council - Dave Delquadro
District Attorney Sim Gill Ralph Chamness
Recorder Rashelle Hobbs Will Kocher
Surveyor Reid Demman Brad Park
Treasurer Wayne Cushing Jim Sakellariou

Offices of the Mayor

Department Representative
Mayor Financial Administration Darrin Casper
Regional Development Dina Blaes
Administrative Services Megan Hillyard
Community Services Holly Yocom
Human Services Karen Crompton
Public Works Scott Baird
Human Resources Sharon Roux