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Requirements & Fees

All documents to be recorded must meet the Recording Requirements as set forth in the Utah Code.

In compliance with UCA 17-21-1(4), these Electronic Recording Standards must be followed for all documents submitted electronically.

What are the duties of the Recorder's office?

What are document recording requirements?

(UCA 17-21-20)

Formatting and Content Requirements:

  • Be on white paper that is 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches in size;
  • Have a space of 2-1/2 inches down and 4-1/2 inches across the upper right corner of the first page and a margin of one inch at the top of each succeeding page;
  • Have a margin of one inch on the left and right sides and at the bottom of each page after the first page;
  • Sheets of paper must not be continuously bound together at the side, top, or bottom;
  • Not contain printed material on more than one side of each page;
  • Text printed in black ink and not have text smaller than seven lines of text per vertical inch;
  • Document must be sufficiently legible to make certified copies;
  • Legal description in Salt Lake County;
  • Correct recording fee;
  • Grantor name on title, grantor name on document, notary acknowledgement, and signature matching;
  • Grantee address.

*Download and print the more detailed list of requirements below