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Peace Officer Merit Commission

In accordance with the Peace Officer Merit System Act, the County Council has established a Peace Officer Merit Commission that is a bipartisan body, consisting of three members who are appointed by the Council for staggered six-year terms.

Among other things, this system provides processes to ensure fair and impartial treatment of applicants, addresses compensation and benefits, and a system for promotional advancement through competitive testing for Salt Lake County Deputy Sheriffs, Correctional Officers and Protective Service Officers.

The Merit Commission also provides a formal procedure for processing appeals and grievances of employees without discrimination, coercion, restraint, or reprisal.

POMC Policies


David Salazar


Martha Stonebrook

Vice Chair

Chris Bertram


Merit Commission Staff

Carita Lucy

Merit Commission Administrator Sheriff's Office HR

Phone Number (385) 468-9885

Lt. Scott Laughlin

Merit Commission Coordinator Sheriff's Office HR

Amber Arnold

Merit Commission Coordinator Sheriff's Office HR