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2021 Delinquent Tax


Taxpayer Annual Mailings

Taxpayer Annual Mailings By Law

(other reminder notices might be sent as a courtesy)

Notice of Property Valuation - July 22nd

Auditor sends a notice to taxpayers regarding the probable upcoming property tax amount to provide time for anyone wanting to file an appeal.

Official Tax Notice - November 1st

Treasurer sends final notice of taxes due.

Delinquent Tax Notice - December 31st

Treasurer sends a notice to all delinquent taxpayers.

Taxpayer Service Departments

Tax Service Divisions 

Collections - Current and Delinquent Payments, Prepayment Program, Property Tax Relief,  and Special Liens (bankruptcies, property splits, etc.)

Accounting - Monthly Entity Payments, Refunds

Tax Process Basics

Salt Lake County Property Tax Process - Basics

By law, the annual tax process involves 5 steps:

1.  Entities

Budgets are generated by 72 County entities that perform public services like schools, libraries, cities, etc. (Remember, in your area you only utilize and fund a subset of these services.)

2. Recorder

Records and accurately maintains all County property ownership.

3.  Assessor

Values all the recorded County properties.

4.  Auditor & Utah State Tax Commission

Calculates a certified tax rate which is a multiplier number against the property values to fund all 72 Countywide service entity budgets. (see the "Basic Example" below)

5.  Treasurer

Administers taxpayer relief programs for qualifying applicants.

Bills, Collects, Protects, and Distributes $1Billion in property taxes to fund the 72 countywide budgets.

Funds  elected officials operations (Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc.).

Invests  elected officials short and long term available funds.

Basic Example:
If the Salt Lake City School District (a taxpayer entity providing a taxpayer service) approved an operational budget of $75,000 and the total taxable value of all property in the Salt Lake City School District was $15,000,000 then, if you live in that school district, the tax rate for the year would be calculated and show up on your official property tax notice as
$75,000 /15,000,000 =.00500.

Note: When property values go up the certified tax rate goes down and conversely when property values go down the certified tax rate goes up.  This method insures that all taxpayer services continue because the provider's budgets are funded.

Treasurer Agency

2001 S State Street, #N1-200
PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

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P: 385-468-8300
F: 385-468-8301
H: Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM