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2009 Watershed Plan

In August of 2005, South Valley Sewer District (SVSD) made a request to amend the 1978 Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan.

In the process of re-visiting the 1978 plan, it became apparent that numerous factors such as land-use, population projections, jurisdictional boundaries, water quality requirements/impairments, water supply/use, and wastewater treatment processes have changed significantly since 1978.

As a result, the Salt Lake County Council allocated monies into the 2006 budget to initiate the development of a Water Quality Stewardship Plan, to update the existing Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan.

The updated plan, completed in 2009, contains all of the essential elements found in the original Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan (also known as a 208 Plan) and incorporated guidance from the recently published Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters (EPA, 2006).

2009 Plan cover


(8-page brochure, 750 kb)

Executive Summary

(1.7 MB)



  1. Authorities and Jurisdictions (563 kb)
  2. UPDES Discharge Permits (450 kb)
  3. Wastewater Technical Memorandums (15.5 mb)
  4. Habitat Bibliography (1.1 MB 1.1 mb)
  5. GAP Vegetation Descriptions (2.5 mb)
  6. Public Opinion Survey (14.5 mb)
  7. Stream Function Index (SFI) Methodology (800 kb)
  8. Responsiveness Summary (189 kb)
  9. Headwaters Protection Supplementary Documents (340 kb)
  10. Stakeholders (180 kb)

Addendum: Stream Function Index (SFI)

The Stream Function Index is a rapid assessment monitoring tool developed by Salt Lake County to help achieve the goals of the WaQSP. The SFI measures the general health and condition of major waterways in the County, and provides the framework for further detailed studies and monitoring.

City-Specific SFI Reports:

Plan Approval Letters