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A group of people posing for a photo in front of a mountain. A group of people posing for a photo in front of a mountain.

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles is an incentive based worksite wellness program that promotes participation in healthy behaviors and boosts employee job satisfaction.

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A person holding a device. A person holding a device.


WellSteps is Healthy Lifestyles virtual application for participants to track points and engage in wellness activities on your own or with other participants.

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A man and woman holding a fan. A man and woman holding a fan.


The more points participants accumulate the higher the cash and HSA incentives. Participants can earn points towards incentives from January 1st to October 31st each year.

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Meet the Healthy Lifestyles Team

A person wearing a red hat and sunglasses in a stadium.

Wellness Coordinator

Sadie May

Currently contemplating to sell her house and live the van life, and secretly hides Taylor Swift lyrics in Mindful Moment meditations.

A woman smiling for the camera.

Wellness Coordinator

Brittany Parry

A Cinnamon Life Cereal fanatic and a true master of the art of DIY projects.

A person smiling in front of a bush of flowers.

Program Specialist

Trudie Kesler

A Corporate Games bowling champion who loves to hear about your National Park adventures or trips to other countries.

A woman with long hair.

Health Educator

Kiersten Philpott

Currently raising three boys, reading three books, and listening to three podcasts. Jealous?

A person holding a stuffed animal.

Health Educator

Hannah Butler

A pop culture queen who loves to rock climb and cuddle up with a good book.

A woman smiling for the camera.

Health Educator

Meghan Mattson

Can be found wandering through the forest, or the aisles in a thrift store, she’s a nature-loving thrifting queen!

A woman with long hair.

Health Educator

Annie Omer

A cheese connoisseur who loves spending time outside, all things Harry Potter, and getting lost in a good book.

Frequently Asked Questions

New participants can join at any time by emailing us. Participants will have from their start date, to October 31st to earn points to go towards their cash and HSA incentives. 

Healthy Lifestyles

All county employees and their adult designees can participate in the Healthy Lifestyles program. If you are not eligible for benefits, you can earn prizes but are not eligible for the cash and HSA incentives. 

 An adult designee can be your significant other to whom you are not married or a family member with whom you share a relationship. In order to qualify, you and your designee must meet certain criteria which includes:

  • Adult designee status for an eligible adult (a child must be over the age of 26 and not disabled) who is:
    • Both unmarried and over age 18
    • Proof of joint expenses
  • If you meet the criteria, you must complete an adult designee affidavit and supply the required financial documentation within 31 days. Affidavit found under Adult Designee link on insurance-benefits/
  • The IRS taxes an “imputed income” for this benefit, which will include an additional cost from your paycheck.
  • The definition of imputed income is the taxable amount an employee pays when adding coverage for an adult
    designee or the children of an adult designee to coverage.
  • Your children up to age 26, regardless of student or marital status (except for life insurance).
    • The child will be removed from coverage at the end of the month they turn 26. COBRA coverage will be offered.
    • Your children of any age with a qualifying disability determined by the health plan. 

Healthy Lifestyles participants use WellSteps to log their points. Login using your EIN as your username or EIN+1 for spouses and adult designees. 

All Healthy Lifestyles cash incentives will be administered to the employee's paycheck in December of each year. Health Savings Account (HSA) incentives are issued to employee's Fidelity account in January of each year. 

According to the IRS Memo 201622031, an employer may not exclude from an employee's gross income payments of cash rewards for participating in a wellness program. 

Healthy Lifestyles offers a variety of online programs, virtual workshops, virtual classes, and in-person events that span from Clark Planetarium to Herriman Library. Healthy Lifestyles also recruits Healthy Lifestyles ‘champions’ to coordinate wellness events at their worksite. Email us if you are interested in becoming a Healthy Lifestyles champion.

Salt Lake County Health Department

Our mission at the Salt Lake County Health Department is to promote and protect the health of our community and environment. We work tirelessly every day to prevent illness, injury, and disease while addressing social, economic, and environmental factors that impact overall health. Our efforts include immunizing children, inspecting restaurants, preventing tobacco access to minors, encouraging physical activity and proper nutrition, protecting our water and air, providing culturally appropriate services, and collaborating with our community partners to ensure public health works for all residents of Salt Lake County, regardless of where they live.